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Waterboys Kilimanjaro T-shirt

Waterboys Kilimanjaro T-shirt

$ 34.00

We've partnered with current Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Chris Long and his Waterboys initiative that unites players and fans from across the NFL to bring life-sustaining well water to East African communities in need.

We are donating 100% of proceeds from this T to the cause.

Established in 2015, Waterboys was created to raise funds and awareness for clean water in East African communities. Since the inception, 29 NFL players from over 20 different teams have been recruited to serve as their club's "waterboy."

The initiative has raised over $1.85 million to date - enough to build 32 wells and provide water to 123,000 people.

Wear this shirt and tackle thirst

Visit www.waterboys.org to find out more about the cause