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The Diddy

The Diddy

$ 32.00

I grew up hunting with my dad and brothers at the farm owned by my Uncle Doug Š—– we call him Diddy. I remember helping knock down the old shack on the property when he first bought it. I remember swinging on old ropes into the lake with my brothers as a young teenager. I remember getting my first deer as a young man and asking Š—“what do I do now?Š—? And I still go there every fall for Tradition Week just before the rut. So when we decided to do our first custom camo hat, with all the memories Diddy provided me Š—– I knew there was only one name to give the hat we would make many more memories in Š—– The Diddy.

Notice our TNB bear in the camo itself. The Diddy is great for the woods or blind and has enough style to be worn back home too.