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Men's Slim Fit Two-Tone Button Down - Navy/Brown

Men's Slim Fit Two-Tone Button Down - Navy/Brown

$ 18.40 

This slim cut cotton twill button down has a silicone finish and bio-polish for a buttery feel. It was woven from two colors Š—– navy and brown Š—– to give it a deep midnight look and the chestnut corozo buttons really brings out the brown undertone. You will notice the back yoke and left shoulder embroidery. Take this to the nightspot or the shooting range.

Sizing Info:

This shirt is an athletic fit. It isnŠ—Èt hipster skinny or country club baggy. If you are in between sizes, size up.

Sizing Video:ξ

Washing and Drying:

We used compacted yarns so it wonŠ—Èt shrink a couple sizes or get all torqued and messed up after itŠ—Ès in the dryer. Wash and dry on tumble dry low.

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